How to Teach Kids How to Abide in Christ

A while back a friend of mine got a dog. To say a few things changed when Marley arrived is an understatement. As I read the series of Facebook posts that followed in the days after Marley’s arrival I was reminded of what it means to abide in Christ. Join me over at Faith Gateway as I share what I learned. There’s also some tips on how we cant teach our kids to abide in Christ too!

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Transforming Your Family from Surviving to Thriving

That’s exactly what Build Your Best Family online course is all about, allowing you to benefit from what we learned no matter what your schedule is or where you live. It’s a step by step guide to decide what you want their family to be known for, determine their core values and passions, then translate those values into behaviors that can be taught, coached, and celebrated.

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Top Posts and Podcasts of 2018

I love year end reflections and recaps, and today I’m sharing ones particular to my blog and the podcast. The 5 most popular posts on family culture this year determined by pure numbers are listed here. Others on the "Most Popular" list that make me smile and shake my head. I’m always surprised to see what makes the list, and what doesn’t but I am sharing them anyway. I hope you enjoy perusing these Top 10. 

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How to Persevere and Overcome Fear with Faith

Every time he lost I had to hold myself back from running up to my son to hug and kiss the crushing disappointment away. Despite my experience with the sport, it was hard to see my son struggle with so much emotion. I wanted to make it easy for him. I wanted to rescue him.

Thankfully I didn’t. Because it became the season that he learned how to perseverance and overcome his fear with faith.

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On Embracing Your Uniqueness

Growing up I felt like I didn’t fit in.

I was athletic enough to be on the team but not good enough to play in the games. I was friends at school with the popular kids but never invited to hang out with them after school was out. I wanted to play sports with the boys on my block while my friends just wanted to sit around and talk about them. I was smart and got good grades but took art instead of math, typing, and business like my friends.

It hasn’t entirely changed now that I am older. For years I indulged in a pity party but now I am doing things differently. Join me over at Faith Gateway to READ MORE.

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How a Family Retreat will Benefit Your Family

Many organizations hold yearly employee performance reviews. These evaluations reinforce what their managers expect in the workplace but also provide employers with information to use when making decisions about promotions, pay raises, and layoffs.

This same type of review can be used in families to connect with one another and assess where you are individually and as a family.

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How to Make Great Friends

Why is making friends so hard sometimes? I went through a season of my life where I felt like I had no friends. I had great relationships growing up, in college, and even in my post-college single days. However, after I transitioned to a stay-at-home mom and moved to the suburbs, I looked around and realized I didn’t know anyone.

I eventually met other moms with whom I could chat on the playground or other settings, but it was always small talk, and I longed for deeper connections. I looked around at other groups of women talking and laughing together and assumed they must all be best friends. Surely, they were getting together without me. I thought, “Doesn’t anybody want to hang out with me?”

After reading a few good books and listening to several podcasts on the topic, I learned a few things about friendship. It was time not only to get busy making new friends but also to be intentional about growing the relationships I had. I was eager to  teach my kids what I discovered, too, because relationships get harder as they get older and there are a few things they need to know. In the process, I learned to…

Join me over at to read the rest of “How to Make Great Friends”.

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The Benefits of Journaling Especially for Kids

I’m amazed at the things I forget because I don’t write them down. I am not just talking about what I need to do on a particular day or week; I’m referring to beautiful things God has done in my life and the truth I have learned through spending time with Him. Thankfully, I have journaled over the years, and I’m able to go back through the pages and remind myself of the goodness of God. As I do this, my faith grows.

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How to Simplify your Summer

I love summer!

I have been known to drive my family crazy with my big expectations for what the summer months bring. In my mind, I have endless time and resources to do all the activities and things I want to accomplish . However, my reality is slightly different. By the time school starts, I’m usually disappointed. I have home projects left undone and a list of friends with whom I didn’t connect!

Have you ever had this problem? Join me over at to read what I'm doing differently this year.

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