Raising children is a great responsibility that has been given to us as a parent.

At times it can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, other times it can fill us with sheer joy. It will humble us if we let it. Everything we say and do imparts values to our children. Kids are no dummies. What we say is important but what we do, especially when we think no one is looking, has the biggest impact on them.

I am constantly challenging myself to walk what I talk and set a good example even when I don’t want too. I admit it, I want to yell when I am frustrated or angry, be rude when I feel my needs are not being met, and give up when a commitment I made seems too hard. But I can’t. At least I try not to, knowing that little eyes are watching and little ears are listening.

It’s all about the example.

Funny thing though, the longer I am a mother the more I am learning from them. I learn from their child like faith in my husband and I as well as their resilience and forbearance towards others. Believe it or not I am also learning from their temper tantrums, mistrust, fears and disobedience.

I shouldn’t be surprised that God can use my children to help me grasp principles I have learned but have not quite put into practice.

Throughout the Bible Jesus taught with parables. Parables are simply stories that are used to demonstrate or teach a lesson. They help us to better understand or grasp a concept because it peaks our interest and holds our attention. It personalizes a principle. Of recent, the parables, the examples God is using to teach me, are not ones in the Bible. The stories about the two debtors (Luke 7:36-47), the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:45-46) or the weeds in the field (Matthew13:24-30, 36-43) are all insightful and powerful but God is using my little ones.

My very own parables are being played out right in front of my eyes.

Talk about personalizing a principle. God can speak to us in a still small voice among the chaos of our daily lives with our children.

I put pen to paper, or shall I say fingers to keyboard, to share my experiences with you and what God reveals to me about myself and more importantly where he wants to take me, which I like to call the sweet spot. More on that to come…

photo credit: WaveCult (luis.m.justino) via photopin cc