The Sweet Spot

Life can be unpredictable. Although work, school, after school activities, and car pooling anchor our daily lives there are many variables that have the potential to leave us with unmet expectations at the end of the day. My variables include 3 wonderfully energetic little ones with amazingly different personalities. Collectively we have good days and we have bad days. Temper tantrums, sassy attitudes, and crankiness have a way of rubbing off on each other, sometimes creating a snowball effect. However every once in a while a member of our family will stand apart shine.

Recently it was Eliana that did that. One particular day she listened promptly (when we were running late), she completed a few chores on her chore chart, and she even cleaned up the playroom without being asked. Although already nurturing in nature she was exceptionally kind to her little brother that day. All of those lovely things a mother hopes for. I was elated. Something had clicked for her and it seemed as though she had been listening to my instructions all along. A funny thing happened that day. When she asked for a snack she got it without me even looking at the clock to see if it was time, when she wanted me to sit down on the couch to cuddle and read a book she didn’t get my often time response (which I am not always proud of) “Give me a minute honey, just let me finish this…” She even got ice cream later in the afternoon. It was days later, while running on the treadmill, God had shown me what had happened that day. Eliana had found her sweet spot. The spot where I could not help but show favor towards her. While I do my best to not favor one child over the other, to meet their individual needs, Eliana had taped into a special place that day. I was so delighted in not having to repeat myself (“Please clean up your room.”) or instruct her (“Please share with your brother.”) in areas I already done so time and time again. Her obedience and her heart to serve more than here selfish desires brought blessing into her day and she was reaping the benefits.

After doing a quick search on the internet I found the term sweet spot used in a variety of different ways. According to, a sweet spot is “the area around the center of mass of a bat, racket, or head of a club that is the most effective part with which to hit a ball”. The term is used outside the sporting realm as well. It’s used in structural engineering, by sound engineers and musicians. Did you know that every instrument has a sweet spot, just the right location to place the microphone to get the best possible sound? Another way it is used is to describe when forces are completely balanced or when competing factors of extremes produce a favored outcome. This last explanation may seem vague but is exciting to me because it allows me to define my very own sweet spot.

My desire is to live life in the sweet spot, where God is present and actively working in my life and on my behalf. As I mentioned in my previous post and introduction, God is using my children and every day examples to teach me about His love, His kindness and His compassion. Through these examples he is teaching me and instructing me in His ways. He is showing me how to live my life so that I am a reflection of him. As I put into practice these lessons that I learn (and share them with you) I am positioning myself to be blessed by him and in turn be a blessing to others. He is bringing me to that place where things click just as they did for Eliana that day. It is a place where my theology comes in line with my reality. One of my favorite scripture is John 10:10. The King James Version says “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” The Amplified Version says “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” As it relates to my life, I hear God saying “Kimberly, I am teaching you these things so that you may have life and live it in the sweet spot of my success.” It’s not necessarily a place where everything is perfect but it is sweet!

How do you define your sweet spot?