Image Bearing

Being a stay at home mom in a town, with no buses, I am able to get to know most of the families in our community. My husband has somewhat of a flexible schedule at work but for the most part he doesn’t have that same opportunity to get to know our children’s friends as much as I do. He does, however get to know some of the grown-ups in town during his morning commute. What surprises him is how easy it is, upon meeting a child for the first time, to match them up to their parents. Sometimes they are the spitting image of their mom or dad, sometimes it’s they the way mimic their mannerisms, behavior, and even in the way they dress that gives them away.

My children look just like my husband.

I’ve lost track of the number of times that people say “She looks just like Carl” or “He’s a mini version of your husband”. When my son was first born I heard he looked just like my brother. I get excited when I come across a baby picture of mine that captures a look or expression of one of my children. It bugs me when I show it to other people and most can’t see the resemblance.

“Really?, don’t my kids look like me?”

My kids might not be mimi-mes but spend enough time with us and you’ll have no doubt they’re mine. I am delighted when my children do the good things I do. BUT, I cringe when I see MY bad habits becoming a part of the way they do life. For example, the way they deal with one another when they are frustrated, their reluctance to try new things, or their willingness to quit something too soon. Ouch! I want them to bear my image but only when it reflects the best of me.

We are all image bearers.

God was very intentional in creating us in his image. (Genesis 1:27) It should be no surprise that everything in this earth produces after its own likeness. (Genesis 1:12,24) By default we reflect our creator but in Ephesians Paul calls us to get rid of the old way of doing things and do life God’s way. He says to be constantly renewed in our mind, having a fresh attitude, processing God’s perspective. His love is meant to mold us into His likeness.

When people look at me I wonder who they see.

Being God’s image bearer isn’t about saying and doing the right things it’s about letting his love transform your heart and the way you do life. I tend to pick up the mannerisms and expressions of the people I spend the most time with, my friends and especially my spouse. Time spent with God will most assuredly change me to be more like Him, to love like Him. I am certainly not perfect but I hope that some of the things I do and say indicate to whom I belong. I can rest knowing that the longer I am in relationship with God the more I will look like Him.

Who do you look like more, your mother or your father?