What I Have Been Doing for the Last Couple of Months…

Over the last couple of months I was able to do enjoy many things. We started off our summer vacation with an RV road trip that took us to Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina. Some of the highlights included going on rides at Dollywood, camping and sightseeing at Stone Mountain, visiting Braves Stadium (where I used to work), and walking around historic Charleston. We spent a lot of time driving but were thankfully able to do lots of reading, game playing and spending time with one another. Along the way we stopped at seven Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Not only is it fun to eat the food we see on the popular Food Network show but it prevents intense conversations when trying to agree on a restaurant.

Once home the kids enjoyed time at the pool, swim team, camps (including Grandma Camp), and spending lots of time with me. We also visited friends and family. The summer was topped off with a somewhat annual week at the Jersey Shore. There we visited the zoo, rode our bikes and played in the sand. We even got up one morning to watch the sun rise. All in all, it was a very enjoyable few months.

In between all of that I was able to get together regularly with a friend and work on an exciting new project called Circles of Faith which is due to launch sometime next week!! Circles of Faith is an on-line community of Christian women from all faith traditions and backgrounds. We have created a place where we hope you will meet new people, share your stories and connect with others in your local community. There will be many women stopping by to share their stories through articles and blogs. We will have book and music reviews, personal and ministry highlights as well as listings for event and ministry information for the NY/NJ area. I invite you stop by once it is up and running to see what’s it’s all about.