Five Minute Friday: GRASP

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Five Minute Friday

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how wide and long and high and deep is the


of Christ,” I don’t even know the whole scripture … only this portion comes to mind. Grasp is not a word I use in my everyday vocabulary so I think of scripture. I think… holding on, really getting it.

Do I really get it?

I don’t -I doubt, I question. Maybe not out loud, after all I have been singing

Jesus loves me, this I know

as long as I can remember. Sometimes my actions don’t show it. Sometimes I don’t stand up to the lies that speak otherwise.

Grasp, get a hold of it, hold on for dear life, don’t let go.

Is that truly possible?

“My, child there is so much I have waiting for you here in my love, grab it!! Hold it so tight it becomes a part of you.  You will not regret it.”

Get it.