31 Days of Transforming Grace: Intro

The idea that I am even considering to write every day in October feels a little overwhelming but I think I am up for the challenge. There are several reasons why I want to do this.

1. I need the discipline

2. I need the practice

3. A great deal of the growth that I experience comes through writing and I am ripe for some transformation.

I have a lot on my plate right now but I didn't want that to be an excuse not to join in with The Nester and 700+ 1000+ women participating in 31 Days. As a result I decided to dive into one of the many devotionals sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, journal through the study and share it with you. Just to warn you, some days I will have a lot to say and some days I won’t.

Welcome to 31 Day of Transforming Grace.

Transforming Grace is about understanding that God can use us mightily in the spite of our shortcomings. All too I focus on my natural abilities, my inadequacies and deficiencies. God is not limited by all of that.

Transforming Grace is about living out the righteousness that we have already received.

Transforming Grace is not about impressing God, working for His approval or earning spiritual tallies. I am still working on this one and am gradually leaving at the cross the unrealistic expectations I have set for myself.

The only question that I will need to answer each of these 31 days is: How am I going to respond to the grace God has so freely given?

This is Day 1

Day 2: Sufficiency
Day 3: Ignorance
Day4: Defining Grace
Day 5: Humbling Grace
Day 6:Activating Grace
Day 7: G.R.A.C.E.
Day 8: Grace Quotes
Day 9: Activating Grace Through Prayer
Day 10: Activating Grace Through Rest
Day 11: Activating Grave Through Action
Day 12: Five Minute Friday - Grace for the RACE
Day 13: Songs of Grace
Day 14: Grace Quotes
Day 15: Activating Grace Through Worship
Day 16: Grace as a Covering
Day 17: Free Grace
Day 18: Grace Cleans the Slate
Day 19: Five Minute Friday - LOOK
Day 20&21: More Grace Quotes
Day 22:Soaring
Day 23: Lies that Bind
Day 24: Justice
Day 25: A Day in the Life of Grace
Day 26: Five Minute Friday - VOICE (Live at Allume)
Day 27: Open Arms of Grace
Day 28: Even More Grace Quotes
Day 29: 31 Days Interrupted
Day 30: Our Identity in Grace
Day 31: Five Minute Friday: ROOTS