Day 9: Activating Grace Through Prayer

The Bible says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

Most evening meals are accompanied by negotiations initiated by my kids trying to determine the minimum they need to eat in order to be excused from the table or get dessert. It’s an irritating little habit that I am trying to break. Some days are better than others. It’s a tough job getting all 3 kids to like the same meal.

One evening while I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, Elie came in and asked if she could have an Oreo cookie...this is our family’s go to dessert. The kids did a pretty good job eating that evening so I really had no good reason to say no - so I said yes. Well, it didn't take long for the other two kids to find me and inquire as to the injustice of their situation. My 5 year old, while shaking his head launched into his "mommy that’s not fair, why does she get a cookie and we don't" speech. He was all fired up. This clearly was all my fault. At least that is what he thought.

I wasn’t enacting some plan to be gracious to one and withhold from another.

I was willing to bless all my children with a treat; Oreo cookies were available to all. Ava and Aaron had simply not asked for a cookie.

Our father in heaven is waiting for us to speak up. Prayer is another way to activate GRACE in our life. The simple step of inviting God into our situation, with the expectation that God’s empowering presence is enabling me to be who I was created to be, and to do what I have called to do, It is enough to meet the needs of ___________________________.” That expectation we have is the faith that God is going to come through.

My prayers for GRACE are simple most times because that is all I can muster in the midst of my circumstance. Sometimes I forget to do this. However, when I do remember I am not disappointed.

"Lord, please give me your strength to get through this day… my kids have off school and there is so much I have to do.” (I just prayed that one yesterday)

“Lord, please give me wisdom and efficiency to handle planning this school fundraiser.”

“Lord, please give me patience with my husband; help me to respect him when I don’t feel like it.”

“Lord, please guide me as I write for 31 days. (I pray this every day.)

It has nothing to do with our ability and what we have to offer, but everything to do with our willingness to invite Him into our circumstance.

Is there an area you have forgotten to ask for God’s GRACE into? What can you invite Him into now?

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