Day 10: Activating Grace Through Rest

Most days during the week, around 2 o’clock I stop what I am doing, pull down the shades in my office, grab a blanket and take a nap. This is not entirely new to me, I have dabbled in nap taking in the past. Before all my kids where in school full day I would grab whatever little one was home, turn on a cartoon and snuggle. I would usually doze off for about 20 minutes on the couch and would be woken up as soon as the episode (usually Diego) was over.

After reading a post by Michael Hyatt about napping I was convinced I needed to be more purposeful about taking time to rest. There are so many benefits to napping. According to the post naps restores alertness, prevents burnout, heightens sensory perception, prevents heart disease and make you more productive. I was SOLD! Napping benefits you both physically and mentally.

For me, napping is more than just about getting some extra ZZZs, it’s about allowing myself to disconnect and reboot. Recharge.

My mind tells me if I get more done during the day I will be happy. GRACE says that feeling will be fleeting and the same cycle will start in the morning, take some time to rest. I think every minute my kids are at school should be filled with errands, appointments, and getting something done. GRACE says I need a break before everyone gets home and I start my “second shift”. My performance orientation tells me I can relax if I finish just one more thing. Grace says not everything is needful right this moment and busyness does not add value.

Rest represents giving up control, trusting and relying on God.

When I believe God’s empowering presence is enabling me to be who I was created to be, and to do what I have called to do, I can rest. That project I am working on, that deadline I have to meet - I can trust God to show up and lend a hand. He can do through me what I cannot do in my own strength.

GRACE, God’s empowering presence, is activated when we rest.

When I rest in His ability, not mine, I can help prevent short tempers, burn out, and exhaustion. I mentioned before, most days I nap but sometimes I just take some time to sit down and read a good book, thumb through a magazine or sit outside and watch my kids play. GRACE helps me to pray as I look over my to-do list each day, stay open to detours and look for signals from the Holy Spirit to take a break or slow down.

How do you rest in God’s GRACE?

Day 9: Activating Grace Through Prayer

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