Day 12: Five Minute Friday - Race

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Five Minute Friday

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It seems these days I RACE everywhere.

I have a schedule which has penciled in back to back activities - it seems I have no other choice. I need GRACE. Oh, looks it rhymes.

I have gotten to the point where I write everything I have to do in my planner, even shower. Yes, I plan the day and times I take a shower, I have to. I don’t take one everyday because I can’t. There is too much to do. I manage to get a shower every other day - but I need to know when those days are so I can plan accordingly. Isn’t that crazy?

As my kids get older I hope that will change. Days when thing are not so overly scheduled. Until then I have to rely on God’s GRACE to get me through. I will need His GRACE to focus on what’s important, to not cram my schedule in my own effort to accomplish more, to enjoy the journey. I will need His GRACE to make room in my schedule to rest.

He’s got what I need so that gives me room to slow down and not RACE everywhere. There is comfort in that.

But when it comes to running the RACE our Creator has for us I need to remember how to run. I like to run. I run races. I prepare, there is a beginning and an end, and then there is a refueling. If I am going to RACE through my day maybe I should be taking this approach and bring GRACE as my running buddy.

How can you rely on GRACE as you RACE?

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