Day 15: Activating Grace Through Worship

It’s been a little crazy around here. I mentioned in a post last week that I have started a business that is just now coming together, Circles of Faith has just launched, and I have volunteer duties to fulfill for my children’s school that I committed to last year. On top of all this I have signed on to post for 31 days on Transforming Grace. All the extra time I was supposed to have now that my children are in school all day has quickly been sucked up leaving me no room to breathe. I desperately need balance and more importantly I need GRACE.

I need God’s empowering presence to do what I feel led to do in this season. I need His wisdom to figure out what to say YES to and what to NO to.

Day 15, yesterday, was going to be a missing post, a skipped day. It seemed nothing I was writing was working for me, I felt depleted. Resigning myself to missing a day I went to bed intent on getting some rest and beginning again today. I woke up this morning feeling better. I realized I couldn’t move ahead because I was missing and important trigger of GRACE. One that I often forget about on my own journey but so needful. It’s worship.

Worship is about praising our Creator but it is also about our surrender.

Sunday’s post was a list of the songs that I have in my music library that talk about GRACE so it seems so silly to have almost overlooked something so important. I remember the days in college when my friends and I were going out for the evening we would always play loud and lively music while we were getting dressed. It was like a primer for the fun that lay ahead. It got us in the “party” mood. It’s not unlike nowadays when I participate in worship before I hear my pastor’s message on Sunday morning; it prepares my heart for the truth I am about to hear.

Worship soothes my soul and renews my mind.

I listen to music in the car, sometimes when I write, and sometimes when I clean. Music has the power to make the ride shorter, quiet my mind and make the work easier. Worship triggers GRACE when I stop long enough to hear and sing the words of the same song and offer up to God what I am struggling with. Worship also activates GRACE when I worship before my devotional, as I prepare for the day or start a new project.

We acknowledge God’s empowering presence, enabling us to be who He created us to be, and to do what He has called to do when we worship.

What’s your go-to music when you need that extra boost?

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