Day 16: Grace as a Covering

Blogging through these 31 Days of Transforming GRACE is causing me to take a look at my own life.

We all know the story of Noah, the big ark, and the flood. Nowadays you can’t walk into a baby store without seeing a mural, crib set, or toy depicting the famous biblical character accompanied by pairs of cute and cuddly animals, a rainbow and a dove. However, there is another story about Noah that most people do not know. After the flood, Noah takes to tending a vineyard where he and his family have settled. One night he gets drunk on the wine his vines produce, so drunk he is found by one of his sons lying uncovered, naked in his tent. It seems that his son Ham is eager to have a show and tell and runs off to get his brothers. Shem and Japeth are not keen on “seeing” their father’s sin so they put a blanket over their shoulders, walk backwards into the tent and cover their father’s nakedness without looking.

GRACE, like love, does not expose but covers.

As I read about this story in my devotional I am nudged by the Holy Spirit and reminded of a nasty little habit I have struggled with. I truly hate to even admit it but to be transformed I have to fess up. Sometimes in social settings among family I jokingly share something about my husband that frustrates me. I try to do it in such a way as to gain the support of others in the conversations. I want someone on my side, someone to sympathize with my plight. If the person I am speaking with has known my husband for some time and knows what I am talking about all the better. Horrible, I know. I am pretty sure we learn not to do that in Marriage 101. I have repented, I have apologized, and I am getting better.

I truly want to be an encourager. I want to be a wife that walks in GRACE

Throughout the Old Testament “to atone” also means “to cover”. When Adam and Eve sinned they became aware of their nakedness. They made an attempt to cover themselves up and hide. God found them; he questioned them about what they had done, spoke about their disobedience, and broke the news of their consequences. What we sometimes overlook is what God did for them before He banished them from The Garden. Despite the fact that they had already made a covering of fig leaves for themselves God made garments out of skin for them to wear. He gave them a better covering. This is our first glimpse of GRACE

The grace of God, just like His righteousness, covers us.

I got a good look in the mirror and realized the way I have behaved has not always demonstrated GRACE. Ouch!

Dear Lord, I repent for not showing GRACE towards my husband, to not extending to him what You have extended to me. I desire to walk in love and GRACE, to not keep record of wrongs, to cover, to encourage. Help me to focus on and promote the positive in my husband and to leave all else up to you to. Change my heart and the lens in which I see my husband so I may see him the way you do, a dearly loved son of the king. In Your name I pray.

I am open to GRACE changing me, are you?

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