Day 17: Free Grace

Everybody loves FREE stuff!

My mother used to be a beautician a long time ago so my kids get FREE haircuts. It has saved us a ton of money over the years and we are grateful for it. Three little one times 4 cuts a year…do the math. Every time we visit with the grandparents and there is a bath involved someone gets a haircut. It is a wonderful thing. I was thrilled that my parents were visiting the last couple of days because my kids were long overdue for a trim.  The girls each stepped up to get their hair cuts with no fuss. They stood still, kept their head straight and didn’t even complain. My son Aaron was another story. Normally he likes getting his hair cut. He prefers his hair short so he asks to have it cut quite often. However for some reason last night he gave us a difficult time. First he didn’t want to wear the cutting cape over his shoulders to keep his pajamas clean. Then he didn’t want my mom to use the hair clippers.  He got tired of standing so he whined that he wanted to sit.  After sitting down he complained that it was taking too long.  He finally had enough and without being finished he took off the cape and stomped up to his room.

My mom’s suggestion “Take him to the barber and let him pay for his own haircuts.”  I thought “He’s only 5 but it just might work.”

Two months before deciding to write through the subject of GRACE I wrote a journal entry that focused on 1 Peter 1:13.  The scripture reads “Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. “. Next to this reference there I found several questions written down.  

Are you looking to my grace?
Are you looking towards my sufficiency?
Or are you packing it all on your shoulders and pushing through?

This was written down as well:  Rest in my GRACE and rest in my sufficiency. Don’t ignore the emotions, don’t ignore the fear. Bring it to me. Doing things your own way, forgetting you are redeemed, not livening as if I am not enough is the same as rejection.

Just like my little boy I have been guilty of rejecting the FREE GRACE that is available to me. I have chosen the alternative; to use my time, my resources, my knowledge, and my strength to meet the needs of _________________. I could fill in the blank for any number of things. It would be a shame if my son spent his own money on haircuts when he didn't have too, yet as I look back I see that I have wasted a lot of energy trying to do things on my own when so much is available to me for free, no strings attached.

I thank you Lord that I am not alone. You are clearly her to carry my burden - but I have carried it myself. Forgive me Lord. I repent for missing so much of what you have for me because I rejected your grace. Please redeem the wasted time and resources. I invite you into all that I am and all that I do. 

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photo credit: OldOnliner via photopin cc