Day 25: A Day in the Life of Grace

Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go as planned? Yesterday was a day like that for me.
Today I am heading down to Harrisburg, PA to attend my very first blogging conference. Yesterday I had some last minute running around to do. I woke up in the morning optimistic I had enough time to get everything done.
Getting ready for school went relatively well. We were a little behind schedule but nothing to get upset about. I managed to make a hot breakfast, while serving it however I stubbed my toe on the kitchen table. It was a little painful but I carried on.  Kids dropped off – CHECK
After dropping everybody off for school I got a phone call from my oldest - she forgot her Spanish project at home and it was due in first period. I stopped home to grab it for her. It still needed to be printed but our main printer is out of colored ink. I e-mail it to our ancient desktop on the third floor office to be printed there. The systems are slow, it that took a while…  Spanish project – CHECK
Grocery shopping went well. I needed to make sure there was plenty of food in the house for hubby and the kids while I was gone. I anticipate him taking everyone out to dinner each night but wanted to make such staples, lunches and snacks were available.  – CHECK
Slightly behind schedule but pressing on.  
Next, pick up a little something new to wear to Allume. Since I don’t like to shop alone I hooked up with a friend of mine. I was excited to spend time with her and glean from here years of experience as a clothing buyer. We were at the store for about 10 minutes when a calendar reminder goes off on my iPhone. I forgot I signed up for library duty for Eliana’s class and lunch duty for Aaron’s. UGH. Our time had to be cut short. - NO CHECK
I get to my children’s school only to find out I wasn’t need after all, other parents were there to fill the spots too. - NO CHECK
BTW, I forgot to mention, I am limping a little.
I walk home to tweek my business cards so I can get them to Staples to have them printed. Guess what? They don’t do double sided printing in their store!! I was counting on the 4 hour turnaround time.  The local printer need more time than that and it’s twice the price. - NO CHECK.
I head to the mall by myself (did I tell you I hate to shop alone) in a last ditch effort to get anything new thing for the conference. I manage to find a pair of pants.  - HALF CHECK (is there such a thing?)
Now it’s time to pick up the kids. The girls have plans after school so I drag Aaron to the nail salon for the indulgence of a manicure. On the way there I stop off at the house of my friend I went “shopping” with so her husband can talk a look at my toe.  His is a podiatrist. He thinks it’s broken.
I may not be wearing my cute shoes this weekend.
Nails get done – CHECK
Dinner gets made (the kids don’t like it though). CHECK
Off to swim practice. CHECK
I decide to treat the kids to ice cream on the way home. My son accidentally steps on my toes and we have a slight meltdown about flavors.
We get home, I clean the kitchen. Long past bedtime we are still doing home work. I am printing business cards…
I realize that I had no major crisis to contend with but my day was met with one disappointment after another. Plans slowly fell apart. Each of these detours/delays could have ruined my day and my time spent with others. If not for my focus on GRACE this month I would have had a meltdown. My kids would have had to endure frustration taken out on them for nothing they could control.  I would have beaten myself up for not being more prepared.
Instead I had an opportunity to rest in God’s empowering presence to take care of me and whisper in my ear that everything was going to be alright.  
photo credit: JasonParis via photopin cc