Day 29: 31 Days Interrupted

"Be still and know that I am God" (Prov. 46:10).

I have really enjoyed writing about God's Transforming Grace for 31 days.  While my journey is far from over it has enabled me to dissect GRACE and take a look at it in ways I never have before and to meditate on the different aspects of it.

I do have to admit though the main reason I decided to participate in this was because I need the motivation and discipline to write more consistently. I wanted to develop a habit of writing through what I am learning and vice versa.

What happens when the good things you are doing get interrupted?

While I know better, I had a lot of emotions hinged on finishing this and finishing well. Not missing a day, being thoughtful about what I am posting, seeking God for golden nuggets to share. I have been known to start things and not finish them. I could not do this on my own. Through the process I was definitely learning to lean on GRACE.

Enter hurricane Sandy...

My girls checking out the neighbors house the morning after...

I came back from Allume inspired,  full of ideas for my blog and family life. The day I got home we started preparing for the storm to hit. Then the power went out. We managed to have tv, phone and Internet for a little while. It didn't take long for that to go out as well.

My carefully laid out week was slowly fading away.

Our Street Looking North

Monday wasn't so bad, I  stayed busy. Tuesday I was unsettled and agitated, I wanted to get online. Still  no power, no cell coverage, kids and husband home and seemingly endless clean up from the previous night's storm. I couldn't get in touch with family and friends. School cancelled again for Wednesday...oh yeah and likely Thursday.

Last week I had a day that did not go as planned, maybe that was just practice.

Our Street Looking South

Over the last month I needed God's GRACE to write consistently. Know what's funny? Now I need it to stop, shift gears and let go of the expectations of perfect attendance in cyber space.  It is only through GRACE that I can step away from my planner and breathe freely.

GRACE reminds me that things don't always go the way I've planned but I can rest in what He has planned.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the safety of my family. Give me the wisdom over the next couple of days to do what is needed and let go of the things that are not. Help me to enjoy the unexpected time with family. Envelope me with peace as I go with the flow and make adjustments in my day...and even my week. In Your Name I pray. Amen.

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