Day 31: FIve Minute Friday: ROOTS

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OK, are you ready? Won’t you please give me your best five minutes on: ROOTS
Our Neighbors Roots - Our House in the Background

Reallly? I laugh when I see this word...

I live in NJ... so I am seeing a lot of trees overturned and roots exposed. Sandy came through town and left very little untouched by her wind.  May trees in our area have been uprooted.

My children are getting a real life nature lessons as we walk around and get an unusually close glimspe at the life system of these trees that have been upended tress. Trees that will no longer gift life because they could not withstand the strength of the storm. Soon they will be cut apart to be removed from the houses and the lawns they lay on.

I wonder "What was the difference between trees that fell and the trees that stood strong?" Do my spiritual roots have what it takes to weather the storms that may come? I pray each day that I would be rooted and grounded His love, that I would grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. When you truly know that you are loved by God and receive His GRACE your perspective changes. You do life differently.

I want love to overflow in my life. Days like these though, when the power is out and it is chillier inside my house than out I may be a little's probably time to check those roots.

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