Come and Find Me

It never seems to fail.

The minute I walk into another room, sit down to check my e-mail or put my yellow gloves on to wash the dishes I hear my name being called…”Momeeeeee!” Sometimes it’s repeated over and over again, typically from another room or even another floor.

Whatever it is my kids are calling my name for always seems urgent, although it hardly ever is. Sometimes they need help putting their hair up in a pony tail or finding something that’s lost. Many times they just want a snack. When they were younger I didn’t mind so much, I would stop what I was doing and swoop in to save the day. I knew they needed me and I was there for them. Fast forward a few years and this little habit they have is starting to really bother me. Many of the things they think they need from me can be done on their own. While others can wait, maybe, just maybe, until I am done in the bathroom (after all, they saw me go in there…).
It’s not them needing me that bugs me; it’s the way they’re trying to getting my attention.

Sometimes I block out the noise and cross my fingers hoping that they will give up calling my name. I think that maybeif I don’t come running they might actually stop what they are doing and come look for me and try to have a conversation face to face. They are no longer infants who can’t get up to find me or toddlers that are not sure where I am. They are 5, 7, & 9.

Behavior should change with maturity.

The actions of my kids are not unlike my own. Sometimes I try to hold on to my spiritual infancy hoping for quick responses and easy answers to my prayers. I ask for insight into a situation, divine intervention and instant answers, instant attention.  My Heavenly Father is all for provided those things for me but sometimes He wants more than a pause and a shout out in the middle running from here to there. As I am maturing He wants to me to seek Him, wait on Him, and linger in our times of meeting.

“The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.” Psalm 34:10

“But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29

The seeking has more to do with honor then physical proximity.

My kids are mature enough to learn that coming to find me shows respect. They are big enough to grasp that waiting as I complete what I am doing shows honor. Their hearts are able to understand that not demanding their needs be met immediately shows gratitude.  I am all these things too!

Now if I can just get my kids to recognize this I can meet their needs in a more meaningful way. Not to mention, I would be a lot less grumpy. 

What are you learning as you mature? Are there things you can't get away with anymore?