Intentionally Celebrating

My kids are STILL having fun doing their Advent projects. It's such a treat for them to be doing so many crafts, especially back to back. I love how easy it's been for me during this month to be intentional about sharing the real reason for the season. Thank you again Truth in the Tinsel...

Yesterday the kids had a half day of school so we had some extra time in the morning (no lunches to pack) to do our activity. I took advantage of the extra time and the kids' eagerness and got started with the day's project early. We painted in the morning, let it dry, and cut and pasted when they got home in the afternoon.

The kids were bummed this morning when they woke up and we told they had to wait to create their next ornament.

The kids are keeping me consistent and inspiring me with their enthusiasm. Who knew I would enjoy this as much as they do?

What are you doing to celebrate the Advent season?