Looking for the Son to Shine

I am pretty light sensitive person. I love sunshine. On days when the sun is up before me it's easy to wake up. I love the summer months when the sunrise peaks through my window at 5:30 and I am awakened naturally. I find it easy to get up, run, and do my devotion all before my family begins to stir. Now that is is December it's not so easy to get up early. I drag myself out of bed and hope to be infused with same enthusiasm I enjoy during the warmer seasons.

No such luck today. I am tired, I was up late wrapping presents. It's rainy, cold and grey. Only the flames in the fire place cut the chill in the air. It's not even time for lunch and I want a blanket and nap; maybe a good movie and hot cocoa. I know that's not possible, not today. What I really need is the sun!! I keep looking out the window, it's not coming.

While it seems unlikely that the light I long for will not make an appearance this day or the next I know the SON will always be shining. He is waiting for me to look his way so his radiance can permeate my sluggish soul and strengthen me. So I will take some time to linger in prayer... Dear Lord, I need a boost today. Fill me with your strength, your joy and your peace. Give me purpose and clarity to go throughout my day. Fill me with your love so it overflows onto others. May what I do today give you glory and may your glory light my way. 

photo credit: La Lince via photopin cc