Five Minute Friday - Afraid


Today I am joining Lisa Jo-Baker and many others for Five Minute Friday. I will be writing for five minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking Today's word is : Afraid...

WHat is a mother to do when her daughter is afraid?
I want to make all the fear go away.
I have walked these roads before you.
I know there is nothing to fear.
I try to tell her but she can not hear. I was afraid so that she doesn't have to be. I know better now but that does not seem to soothe her.
I get discouraged when the things I say don't convince her.
All I can do is pray. 
I pray Lord that she would speak up when she she's her friends walking past her.
I pray that she will not feel left out when clearly they are waiting for her to join in.
I pray that you will be her confidence, her shield in time of need.
I pray that you would pour your love into her heart so that fear no longer has a place.
Lord redeem so that which has hindered her for so long will be turned around as a gift to others.
I pray that she will be a safe place for those who are afraid, those who are afraid to reach out and make new friends, those who are afraid to try new things because they might fail.