God's Goodness and Orange Juice


I don't drink coffee. 

I never have. My mom discouraged it even though she could be be known to drink a full pot throughout the course of a day. I tried it once in college because my fellow design majors swore it was necessary to pull an all-nighter.  I didn't like it.

Instead, I drink orange juice in the morning. 

Last Sunday I walked into the kitchen groggy from loosing an hour of sleep (thank you daylight savings) and needed an extra boost to get going. I opened the refrigerator door and looked inside only to see the clear container of liquid sunshine almost empty.

Did I tell you my husband doesn't drink coffee either? You have probably already guessed it... He loves orange juice, even more than me.

Standing there, I had a choice to make, drink it before he got down stairs or save it for him.

I poured it in a glass full of ice, just like he likes it. 

When we returned home from church that afternoon I was welcomed by a sink full of breakfast dishes. We left in a rush AGAIN and I had no time to tidy up. As I was washing the last few cups I came across my husband's half full glass of orange juice. I made the loving sacrifice of having milk so he could have orange juice and there his drink sat watered down and warm - unfinished.

I was a little annoyed, but only long enough for God to remind me that many times

I don't fully enjoy the benefits of the sacrifice His Son made for me. 

I forgo receiving grace for the try hard life.

I leave wisdom and guidance sitting at the ready choosing my knowledge and experience instead.

Peace remains unclaimed as I accept busyness and stress as the norm.

Who I am in Christ is discounted as I listen to the lies of who I am not.

Is it because I am not interested or I don't appreciate the sacrifice? 

Maybe there are habits of self reliance I need to break? These may very well have something to do with it but maybe, just like my husband, I am in a rush too.

As soon as I wake up my to-do list speaks to me. I feel the need to get everything done and at times forget to slow down. Taking the time each day to pray, read the Bible or a devotional or an

inspirational blog post

, reminds me of

God's goodness and the sacrifice He made.

It renews my mind. I am less likely to leave the wonderful resources he has for me left untapped.

I love my husband and know he would be way more bummed than me to not have his favorite drink to wash away the sleep. The next time we are low on OJ I'll make the same sacrifice and hope that my husband will drink it down to the last drop and even offer some to me...

photo credit: Psicoloco via photopincc