Child Like Prayer


It's been a little quiet around here the last few weeks. I have been blogging about prayer everyday over at Circles of Faith. Inspired by the book Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challengeby Mark Batterson many of us set aside the 40 days leading up to Easter to cultivate a daily prayer habit.

Learning about prayer is not just about me, neither is it just for me. 

Over the last 40 days, I have prayed for family and friends. I have prayed for the projects I am involved in and the activities I volunteer for. I have prayed about dreams that have been buried inside of me and the routine tasks that string together my day to day.

My kids are learning how to pray.

I just love what they have to say when the lights go dim in the evening and they begin to talk to God. Thankfulness for the day and for the little things that go undetected by me falls from their lips. They are not afraid to ask for their hearts desire. They have no doubt their Abba Father hears them and will answer.

When my kids pray, they use words and expressions I would never use, words not clothed in compromise. Honest and real.

When they don’t know what to pray about, they ask for God’s will to be done and mean it.

It would benefit me to learn a thing or two from my kids.  

As I teach my children about prayer, they take me at my word, which demonstrates just what God desires of me.  He too wants me to take Him at His Word.

Journeying through this 40 Day Prayer Challenge has renewed and refreshed this truth: Prayer changes everything; let it change you.

Dear Lord, Thank You for this opportunity to draw closer to You in prayer. I so appreciate the ability to talk to You any time, any place. Transform my prayer life. I desire to have a childlike faith that trusts You with everything. Tear down the walls that prevent that kind of intimacy with You…

photo credit: Mrs Suzie Cue via photopincc