Child Like Thankfulness


My daughter said bedtime prayers the evening of Easter. She thanked God for the day, the time with family, and the tasty food that grandma made. She also thanked Him for and for holding back the rain until our Easter egg hunt was over that morning. I couldn’t help but smile; I love their childlike prayers.

I thought, “Hmm, They are getting the hang of this.”

We are intentionally being thankful with the help of the Joy Dare, a few days of the seven. The gifts it suggests we find throughout the day include: gifts eaten, gifts red, and gifts round. The kids are on the hunt all day and each night at dinner we share. That’s when the fun begins. The children try to outdo the other in the creativity of what they thank God for.

There are so many different ideas on the list to be thankful.

As I folded my son’s clothes Monday morning I thought about my frustration with my house. This was to be the year to cross simple home improvements off THE list. The pillows on my couch are old; I have been meaning to sew new covers for them, ones that welcome spring. I rehearsed the anxiety over the amount of stuff we have, those things that I spend too much time finding a place for.  “I wish I had…”

The spiral seemed endless. I had taken this ride before and it was beginning common, too familiar.

Every once in a while a feeling would pop up that whispered discontent.  Instead of discerning the true source of these feelings I accepted them.  I’d hang out in them. “If only…(fill in the blank) was different I wouldn’t feel this way.

Eventually they accumulate and feel like a cloak draped over my shoulders. They feel like truth - but are were not.

I remembered my children and their thankfulness for things that seem silly.

They thank God for:

  • Pirates Booty because it is eaten and is their favorite snack.
  • Tomatoes because they are red and taste delicious.
  • Eyeballs because they are round and help them see.

I realized the effort to teach them about thankfulness is not just for them. It is for me too.

I began to thank God for those pillows that aren’t what I wish them to be. I began to thank Him for my couch, the windows, and the rug in my living room. I thanked him for the space where my family gathers and my children play; for the laughter that fills the void between these walls. Anything that came to mind poured from my lips as praise.

I felt the heavy and weary lift.

I could see that I wasn’t as content as I thought.

Now I will be on my guard. I will be intentional. I will be joining my kids in their crazy, creative, yet simple thankfulness. photo credit: Mr. T in DC via photopin cc

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