Five Minute Friday - After


Today I am joining Lisa Jo-Baker and many others for Five Minute Friday. I will be writing for five minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Today's word is: After



I love the smell of grass in the spring, after the rain.

I breathe in the sweetness that lingers in the air and I am invigorated. I am thankful for my sence of smell. I want the newness, the freshness to remain but it doesn't. The damp is dried up by the sun and the fragrance is all but forgotten until the next time the water falls from the sky.

After the Grace there is a newness too.

Sometimes it feels like it has evaporated. It hasn't, it never will.

Like water in the soil, it is there waiting to be drawn up, recycled to be fall down on us again.

Oh, the sweet smell of grace. It breathes life to my soul and brings a smile on my face.