Five Minute Friday - Comfort


5-minute-friday-1 (1) Today I am joining Lisa Jo-Baker and many others for Five Minute Friday. I will be writing for five minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Today's word is: COMFORT

I heard her cries from other room. screeching...getting on my nerves.

The pollen has taken it's toll and with eyes red and puffy there seems to be no relief. She cries more.  The coughing, the sneezing. I give her medicine but she wants arms to wrap around and comfort her. My momma heart sympathize,s to a degree, but I want sleep. Comforting others does not come naturally to me. A tsp. of what the bottle provides and a pat on the head is my prescription, but she wants more.

I let her in under the covers and try to soother her heart. I rub her back for what seems like forever.  She wants more...

Three days of caring and comfort softens my heart and I give what I can. It's still not easy.

My try hard life rejects the comfort of the King. The whispers of his heart are pushed aside because I can do better, I can be better.

With covers lifted high He desires me to come under and rest. His desire for me is surrender, of what I can do and who I am trying to be. His open arms and steadfast love never weary of my need.

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