Five Minute Friday - In Between

Today I am joining Lisa Jo-Baker and many others for Five Minute Friday. I will be writing for five minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Today's word is: In Between

There is no such thing as a summer routine.

I long to create order out of the chaos that is summer vacation. Try as I might I can't fit all it brings into a tidy little box. I can't rein it in

Everyday is different. Some weeks there are camps, other weeks there is complete freedom - to do and go where we want. There are days when our friends are around to play, others they are not. The weather is either our friend or our foe. Days when I plead for the sun and and we enjoy each other's company at the pool. Days when I secretly pray for rain, so I can hunker down at home. I need and an excuse to get the laundry, the cleaning, the writing down.

The outside calls. Yet the inside does too.

Every year I fool myself into thinking that when the summer comes I will have more time -to get more done. It's never true, but I always believe.

I do have more time though, to soak in the wonder of my children. To trust my heavenly father with our steps, with whatever the day might bring.

These are the days in between.

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