Scripture Memory and Prayer Cards for Kids


My kids and I have spent the last few months memorizing scriptures from the Bible. It has been fun for all of us. Each week the kids write a new verse on an index card. In an effort rid our home of it’s ever growing sticker collection, I encouraged them to decorate the cards with stickers, crayons and markers. We each have our own set of cards… I store mine on a ring and my little guys store theirs in an index card case.

These are not the only set of cards my kids have.

When they were little I got tired of our basic bedtime prayers. There were only so many times I could pray “Now I lay me down to sleep…” Not being a fan of repeating the same prayer every night I created a few kid friendly ones, based on scripture. I picked verses about God’s protection (to prevent fear), courage (to make new friends at school), and being kind (to help them share with their siblings). Tattered and slightly torn we still use them sometimes.

I decided to tie the two ideas together.


I created a set of 3x5 cards that can be downloaded and used for both scripture memory and prayer. On the front of the card it says “Read It”. That’s where the memory verse is printed. On the back of the card it say “Pray It”. There you’ll find the verse turned into a prayer.

There are two pages for each month. Each has four cards. I printed mine double sided at home on cardstock. If you don’t have a double-sided printer, print the first page, flip it over, then print the second page on the back of that sheet. I cut mine with a paper trimmer.


What you can do with your prayer cards:

  • Put a set in your children’s room for bedtime prayers.
  • Keep a set in your car to practice the memory verses with your kids on the way to school or driving around doing errands
  • Read them in the mornings together and do a mini-devo with your kids. Talk about what the verse means and end your time with the simple prayer on the back.

These cards make it easy for my kids to learn what the Bible says and then pray God’s Word with faith and confidence.

What are some things you have done to make learning about God fun?

Update: The digital download of these cards is available in my Etsy Shop for only $0.99. If you prefer the convenience of receiving these cards professionally printed, trimmed, and delivered to your mailbox, you can purchase card sets HERE.