Memorizing Scriptures with Your Kids

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I am over at Circles of Faith today talking about memorizing scriptures from the Bible and why I memorize scriptures with my kids...

It all started when I sent my kids off to their very first Vacation Bible School.

At the end of the week, they came home with a set of dog tags. Each tag featured a different Scripture they had learned. I could hardly believe it when my then three year old was able to recite more than one Bible verse to me, complete with body movements. “Wow, this is awesome!” I thought, then over the next few weeks I taught my kids a few more Scriptures.

I was thrilled to share in the experience of my kids learning the Word of God.

Memorizing scriptures is fundamental to our children’s spiritual formation because it:

>>Strengthens their prayer life and enables them to pray God’s Word.

>>Fills their minds with good, such as who they are in Christ and how much they are loved.

>>Creates a foundation of faith. It teaches our kids that they can trust God based on His Word.

>>Grows their personal relationship as they get to know the heart of God.

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