31 Days of Kids and Money


This month I will be joining Nester and 1500+ bloggers in the 31 Day series. It’s an online writing challenge where we all link up to The Nesting Place and then post on our blogs for 31 straight Days in the month of October.

I participated last year and wrote 31 Days of Transforming Grace.

This year I am really excited to write about Kids & Money.

As parents we sign our kids up for music and sport lessons. We work with them to learn their math facts and spelling words, but what about mastering money? I want my children to be financially intelligent. As a result, I am intentional in teaching my kids about what the Bible says about money and practical ways to handle money.

According to Dave Ramsey's website:

 In 2007, 60% of teens knew how to balance a check book. In 2011, only 43%.

40% of 13-22 year olds expect to receive an inheritance. Only 16% of parents said they think they can provide one.

75% of teens say that learning more about money management, including budgeting, savings and investing, is one of their top priorities.

It’s been 12 years since I have been free of consumer debt. Having struggled with managing money myself, it’s important to me to equip my kids with the necessary tools they will need to manage money.

I started talking about money with my kids when my oldest daughter was 4. My little ones now are 6, 8, and 10. Shaping the way they view money will continue until they are on their own.

Over the next 31 days I will tell my story. I’ll share with you many of the lessons we’re learning, the activities we do, and the games we play that teach our children about finances. My posts will include free printables, and resources as well.

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