Day 4 - Talking About Stewardship


Stewardship is the idea that we are managers, not consumers of all that we have been blessed with.

All we have belongs to God.

I believe this is one of the most important concepts we can teach our kids, especially when it comes to money. It’s the why of the choices we make.

What we believe about our resources and where they come from determines how we make financial decisions.

I introduced my kids to stewardship by reading and talking to them the parable in Matthew 25:14-28. Jesus tells the story of a man who went on a journey.  The man left his servants money to steward in his absence. 2 of the 3 servants put the money to good use, making it increase. The other servant was so scared about losing the money entrusted to him that he stored it way for safe keeping. The servants who made the money grow were called “good and faithful”. The one who did not, was called “evil and lazy”.

Just like the man in this parable God have given us things to use and enjoy such as our time, talent, and money. God matched us with exactly what is best for each of us and he wants us to use those gifts wisely.

>>My kids and I looked up steward and stewardship in the dictionary together. I reminded them of all the things that mommy and daddy have given them that they are responsible for such as their clothes, toys and technology.

>>Next, we made a list of the things God has chosen to place in our life, besides money, that we can use for good. We used My Gifts Resume to guide us. (Download it for free.)

>>To further emphasis what it means to a good steward with I gave them something to take care of.  Much to their dismay, it was not a fish, cat, or dog. I gave each of them a plant. It’s up to them to learn how to nurture it and help it grow. They are responsible placing it in a spot it where it will grow and water it.

I am hoping this will teach them to be :

  • intentional
  • thoughtful
  • consistent

All the qualities that are needed to successfully manage money. I will let you know how it goes...

What are some of the ways you teach your kids about stewardship?

This post is apart of a 31 Day Series on Kids & Money.

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