Optional Chores for Kids to Earn Money

All this money we have been talking about our kids managing, where does it come from?

As my children got older, the dollar a week I was giving them wasn’t cutting it and the money they received from family members on special occasions only went so far.

Part of my job as a parent is to get my little ones ready for the real world and guess what? Earning a living is a part of that real world. Chances are when they are older they will need to provide for themselves and the ones they love. So I created optional chores for kids to earn money.

So I teach them how to work.

As I mentioned on Day 9:

  • Doing chores create a sense of responsibility
  • Doing chores teaches stewardship.
  •  Doing chores helps a busy momma out
  • Doing chores is a gift…
Also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God's gift to man. Ecclesiastes 3:13

My kids are responsible to do chores around the house just because they are part of the family. They are required to keep their bedrooms clean, cook meals, and help clean up after dinner. Since they are not compensated, or given an allowance, for any of these, I came up with an alternative way for them to earn money. I created a job board. My kids are paid a commission for the extra work they do.

The chores on this list are optional.

  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Bring the recycling to the curb
  • Yard work such as weeding, mulching, watering flower beds
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Wipe stained walls (usually along the stairs)
  • Clean kid’s bathroom
  • Water plants
  • Empty trash cans throughout the house
  • Clean out cars, including vacuuming

The amount they receive depends on the job. The more involved the job, the more money they get. My kids can decide what they want to do, and how often they’d like to do them to earn extra cash. Just like in the real world, if they don’t work they don’t get paid.

It’s a win-win for all us. My children make money that can be saved or spent and I am able to reinforce the lessons I am teaching about money management. The bonus is that my house is also cleaner. Once they have mastered the little things they can be given more responsibility and eventually earn more money to manage.

Looking for some creative ideas to keep track of your children’s chores? Check out my Kids and Chores Pinterest board. There are a bunch of great ideas there from all over the web. I use a app called iAllowance to track the work the kids do around the house. This app not only lets me track chores but also our behavior and education goals. The reward payout option allows my kids to accumulate points of play dates and TV time too.

What do your kids do to earn extra money?

This post is apart of a 31 Day Series on Kids & Money.

This is Day 18, Day 17 was: Day 17 – Needs vs. Wants