Money Puzzles Crosswords and Word-Search for Kids


As a mom I shape the way my children think about money. Will it be positive or negative? Their attitudes about money will determine whether they produce wealth and live lives of generosity or if they’ll ways be behind the eight ball and hoard what they have been given?

If you have been reading my series Kids & Money you know that I think learning about money can and should be fun.

Some of the ways I keep it fun is by going on ‘field trips’, letting the kids choose how they earn money, and playing games together. Another way is doing worksheet activities.

Here are two money puzzles, a crossword and  word search that I created for my kids. You can download them free!

My girls did the activities together. I was surprised at how many of these words they were familiar with. Doing the two worksheets at the same time was helpful because the words in the word search provide a word bank for the crossword.

This post is apart of a 31 Day Series on Kids & Money.

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