When Copying Your Dad is a Good Idea

We woke up this morning and saw nothing but white.

While we slept, snow fell from the sky and covered what was green just a few hours before. We knew this was coming.  The call came early in the evening the night before, that school would be closed because of the coming storm. My kids went to bed anticipating a day of ‘helping daddy shovel’ and sledding with friends.

When they woke up they made themselves breakfast and gathered their snow gear, all before I had my cup of tea.

I opted to stay warm while my little ones followed their father outside into the winter wonderland our backyard had become. Armed with their child-sized shovels, they teamed up with my man and his snow blower to tackle what seemed like an endless driveway covered in snow. The kid’s participation lasted about ten minutes before they was decided it was playtime.

I watched from the kitchen window as my children ran around, threw snowballs at each other, and propelled themselves down mini hills.

A little later, I peeked out and saw the kids walking around the backyard shaking the snow off our Arborvitae trees and Boxwood bushes. The kids thought they were still ‘playing” but I knew what they were really doing.

It’s my husband who usually does this. Soggy or frozen snow weighs down the branches and eventually breaks them.

My husband didn’t ask them to do this; they did it on their own. They simple saw their father doing this before and decided they would do the same.

I am not even sure they knew why they were doing it; they were just copying their dad.

John 5:19 came to mind. Jesus says "Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.

I am sure it does not surprise you that kids do what they see their parents doing.

In this passage, Jesus makes a bold claim that He Himself is indeed directly associated with God. Having just upset the Jews by healing a lame man on the Sabbath, He responds to accusations by saying, “Hey, I am just doing what my Dad does”.

Jesus is simply continuing the work of His Father. It’s almost as if he couldn’t help himself.

Whatever the Father does, Jesus does in the same way.

I like when my children copy the good stuff I do. Don’t you?

Living a life that reflects who we belong to is a good goal. But what if we didn’t have to work so hard at it? What if we spent enough time with God, that doing what’s right becomes easy, if not second nature? What if we lived everyday aware of His presence?

I hope that, as I am FAITHFUL in my relationship with my Heavenly Father, I will do what He does. Choose love instead of selfishness, forgiveness in place of bitterness, and words of life - not death.

I also hope that people will notice, not so I get all the credit, but that I would point others to Him.

How have you become more like Him? Did you even notice when it started to happen?