I've Got You Covered - Grace

IMG_7161_650 The sky was clear but the forecast called for rain. I grabbed my umbrella, my husband grabbed his and we headed to church.When service was over and we walked out of the circa 1922 theater where worship was held and into a wall of rain. Thankfully we were prepared. We walked down the block to pick the kids up from children’s church. Once collected, my girls huddled with their father under his big umbrella, my little guy snuggled into me under mine. That morning he was wearing the twill fedora he got for Christmas from his grandparents along with a mini sport coat that matched his daddy’s. He didn’t want to get his handsome outfit wet.

He wanted to hold the umbrella.

Giving my six-year-old that responsibility meant I’d have to hunch down if I wanted to stay dry.  There was also the possibility that I would get poked in the eye. I know this from experience. Usually I give up and let him just have the dang thing… but not today. It was too wet and I looked too pretty.

I said to my son “As long as you stay close, I’ve got you covered.”

He wasn’t happy that he couldn’t hold the umbrella. He wanted to be in control. We hobbled, practically tripping over each other, as we walked towards the car. Staying close was not easy, but I kept my arm around him to shield him from the rain.

Our car was parked just on the other side of the main street that runs through town. My boy patiently waited at the intersection for the light to turn green. I could feel him wiggling against me. He wanted to take off running, but the rain and my hand held him back.

Once we crossed the road, the car in sight, I let him go. He no longer cared whether or not he got wet; he just wanted to race his sisters down the sidewalk.

My son is not much different than me.

It’s been hard for me to get the hang of staying so close to God, arms wrapped around. Sometimes my steps are out of sync, I feel like I might trip. At times it’s awkward. So I push way. I run. I shake off my Father’s embrace and race towards some prize or goal that I think I need RIGHT NOW.

I come out from under His cover.

He says “Come back, stick with me. I will keep you covered. I will protect you.”

I know that when I cling to Him, I experience the warmth and the security of that place. The more time I spend with my Him the easier it is to walk with Him, to stay under His cover.

Relationship creates rhythm.

This year I have been challenged with the One Word FAITHFUL.

FAITHFUL to trust and receive.

FAITHFUL to worship and surrender. “

FAITHFUL to stay close.

I truly don’t want to do anything that is out of step with what God has called me to do. It’s exhausting. It’s empty and fleeting. I long to stay under His cover and in His will.

There was no need to call my son back under the umbrella that day. The rain had begun to wane and the car wasn’t far ahead. But I was there if he needed me.

The times that I go my own way I am thankful for grace that is waiting for my return.

Dear Lord, I thank You that despite my stubbornness you continually call me back to Your loving arms. Help me to run my race close to You, under the provision and covering You have provided for me. Teach me how to walk in sync with You. Give me patience to wait on Your timing. Guide me in Your will.