Five Minute Friday-Hero

Today I am joining Lisa Jo-Baker and many others for Five Minute Friday. I will be writing for five minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Today's word is: Red
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My little boy leafs through the pages of The Action Bible...again.

He looks at the pages, with it's colorful drawings, that depict the heroes of the Bible. These flawed men and woman, not the likely bunch the Creator of heaven and earth would pick… but He did.

What makes them a hero is not the battles they fought, the seas they crossed, or the walls they circled. It was simply answering the call.

Being brave enough to take a step into what God asked them to do. To say "yes" when they were not sure where that "yes" would take them. Putting one foot in front of another when they felt unqualified, insecure, with nothing to give but themselves.

Today we answer the call to write, to love, to nurture those around us. To do the homework with our kids rather than watch TV, to wipe the noses when it might mean we catch what they have, to support family friends when, really, you just don't feel like it. To forgive.

My little boy longs to be a hero. I can see it in his eyes as he talks about the pictures on the page. He wants to come to the rescue of those in need. He runs around the house with sword in hand and fights invisible battles.

I will teach him to be brave. To do what God asked of him. To say "yes" to an adventure. To be kind to his sisters, make friends with the new girl, to make good choices when others aren't.

Just say "YES".