Restless by Jennie Allen - DVD Study Review


In the book Restless, Jennie Allen takes you on a journey of recognizing the threads in your life, that when followed, help you discover the call God has for you. With the Biblical story of Joseph as her guide, Jennie asks the questions, What if I was made for more? What would happen if GOD got bigger then my fears or insecurities? How can I bring God glory with my life?

The Restless DVD Study brings this into a group setting so that you can explore these questions with other.

Over the last few years I have participated a handful of DVD based Bible studies by Beth Moore, Priscilla Shier, and Jennifer Rothschild. The format is typically the same; discuss the 5 days worth of homework in 30 minutes, watch a 50-minute video, briefly share our favorites parts with one another and then be on our way. I often leave wishing we had more time to talk, share our stories, and learn from one another.

This particular topic, honestly looking at who God created us to be, warrants a slightly different format of group study.

Once you are together as a group you:

Discuss your personal reflections from the homework study guide (20-35 minutes).

The homework should be completed during the week prior to your group meeting. It can be done in one sitting our broken up into smaller parts throughout the week. It is comprised of scripture study and a few projects that help you examine the threads in your life that make you who you are.

Watch study video (18-23 minutes).

The teaching takes place in a shabby chic chapel setting. Natural light streams in through stained glass windows while colored Mason jars and Hydrangea decorate the space. Women sit on vintage sofas, chairs and at tables listening to truth. I so appreciate the casual charm and wish I could be there.

Even though the videos are shorter then the average bible study I was challenged and inspired by Jennie’s humble, direct, and honest words. During each of the session tears filled my eyes at least once as I felt the Holy Spirit tugging on my heart, assuring me that He has a plan and purpose for my life.

Answer questions on the Conversation cards (30-75 minutes)

Most of the revelation and transformation comes from digging deep individually and then sharing in a group setting. The study comes with conversation cards corresponding with each session. They are to be spread out, question side up, for each woman to pick their favorite one. Then everyone takes turns reading and answering the questions. They are meant to allow woman to reflect on what they have learned during their personal study and time together.

Jennie believes that the threads that make up our life - our desires, our passions, and our suffering already contain God’s calling for us. I was so excited to hear this because, at times, I overlook these obvious things in search of ‘spiritual’ answers.

I love that this book was turned into a study because I need the accountability of meeting weekly with other women who are on the same journey I’m on. It’s motivates me to do the work required to discover my race and run it with confidence.

If you are ever wondering if you were meant for more… this study is for you.

Note: I received this study free of charge from Shelton Interactive in exchange for my honest review.