How to Create a Family Mission Statement (Life on Purpose Series)

mission statement

How can we live intentionally?”

That's a question I found myself asking when I realized one day that things weren't turning out the way I planned. As my children have gotten older the values, beliefs, and expectations my husband and I had for our family were getting lost in the shuffle of our modern day suburban life. We had gotten into a rut of just surviving, getting through the week, our schedule jammed with sports and other commitments. I wanted that to change so I came up with a plan. 

  • Develop a family mission statement.
  • Determine family culture.
  • Involve the kids.
  • Cast a vision forour marriage and children as individuals.

I am over at Circles of Faith taking about step number one in our family makeover, developing a family mission statement. Join me over there to continue reading How to Create a Mission Statement for You, Your Marriage, or Family.

Check back in at COF next month because I will be discussing step two, family culture and how to create it.