Wine and the Word - Book Review


When my husband and I were first married, we collected labels from the bottles of wine we drank. We pasted them in a cork-covered notebook and commented on what we thought about it and the flavors we tasted. We implemented a star system to rate each bottle; a gold star for excellent, silver for good, and green for average. We even wrote down the date, and occasion we drank the wine. Even though we really didn’t know what we were doing, it made us feel grown up and sophisticated. It was fun, and we shared it together.

Although I would not call myself a wine connoisseur, I do thoroughly enjoy drinking a glass of soft, velvety red wine with hints of blackberry and wood spice when paired with Steak au Poivre and Caesar Salad. So when I came across a book that combined both my interest in wine and my love of scripture I thought it was worth a read.

Wine and the Word by Kurt Senske reads like an oenophile’s diary combined with a the spiritual journal. It explores Biblical references and concepts through the lens of the wine world.

Like many passages of Scripture, it is helpful to understand the cultural context within which the words were written. The over 500 references to wine and grapevines in the Bible are no different. For example, the author familiarizes the reader with terms such as terrior (a vineyard’s location as it pertains to “soil, elevation, slope, average high and low temperature, orientation to the sun, frequency and amount of rain, wind and fog) and ties it to the parable of the sower from Matthew 13:3-9. He then goes on to ponder the condition of his personal terrior, and wonders, what kind of soil he’s planted in.

Although this is a little book, it is well written with details and depth of the message I didn’t expect.

Kurt’s descriptions of Naples, Tuscany and Bordeaux brought back memories of travel abroad to Italy and France while his theology, grounded in God’s Word, pointed me back to my Heavenly Father, as my Vigneron.

The next time you got to a friend’s house and bring a bottle of wine, why not bring this book too.

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