31 Days of Teaching Kids About Prayer


For the third year in a row, I will be joining Nester and 1000+ blogger in writing for 31 days straight during the month of October.

Over the last two years, I have been teaching my kids how to pray God’s Word by using Scripture Verse and Memory Cards that I created. These set of index-sized cards with a memory scripture on one side and a prayer on the other, have made prayer simply for my little ones.

It's been great, but there is so much more I want to teach my kids about prayer.

Even though my kids are now 7, 9, and 11, I still pray with them at bedtime and remind them to read their devotionals. Eventually, it will be up to them to nurture their relationship with God on their own. One of the ways they can do this by embracing a life of prayer, which is just a fancy way of saying talking to God regularly.

Join me as I write 31 Days of Teaching Kids About Prayer. Each post will be a simple principle that will include a little activity, printable, or game that will help reinforce the big idea for the day.

My hope is that it will grow both their faith and mine!

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Day 2: Prayer Journal

Day 3: A Simple Model of Prayer

Day 4: Books on Prayer

Day 5: Don't Worry... Pray

Day 6: Abide in Me

Day 7: Patience in Prayer

Day 8: Prayer – Sowing Seeds into Your Future

Day 9: Investing in Prayer – Teaching Kids about Prayer

Day 10: Specific Prayers

Day 11:  A Peak Into my Prayer Journal

Day 12:  Be Watchful and Thankful

Day 13: Exceedingly Abundantly More in Prayer

Day 14: Waiting in Prayer with Free I.O.U. Printable for Your Kid

Day 15: Pray Without Ceasing – Constant Communication

Day 16:  Two are Better Than One

Day 17:  Speak Blessings in Prayer

Day 18: Quotes on Prayer

Day 19:  Ask in Faith

Day 20: Point of Contact

Day 21: Creative Ideas Through Prayer

Day 22: Set Apart Through Prayer

Day 23: Prayer as a Lever

Day 24: Seeing Past it

Day 25: Worship Songs that Prepare my Heart for Prayer

Day 26; Freedom from Fear

Day 27: Praying Through

Day 28: An Answer to Prayer is on the Way

Day 29: God on our Side

Day 30: Engaged in Prayer

Day 31: Share Your Testimony