A Simple Model of Prayer - Teaching Kids about Prayer


In the New Testament, there is no shortage of instances of Jesus praying.

He prayed when he was baptized, in the wilderness, on a mountainside through the night, when He was alone, and when He was transfigured.

He also prayed in the garden of Gethsemane right before he was arrested and eventually sentenced to death. Jesus’ “soul was overwhelmed to the point of death, ” and He tells His disciples to “Stay here and keep watch with me.” When he finds them sleeping he asks Peter, “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” Then he says “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”

When reading this account, I noticed the word watch was repeated.

I started to wonder if this word watch, used over and over again carried some significance. What if Jesus was not just asking his disciples to look out for those who were coming to arrest Him but to watch for what God was about to do?

Expecting that God hears our prayer and will answer them honors Him because it activates our faith. Relinquishing our control and praying that His will be done shows trust. Based on The Lord’s Prayer, here’s simple model of prayer that puts WATCH into practice.

W –Praise God for who He is. Reaffirming who God is changing our perspective. (adoration)

A Ask God to forgive you, own up to our sins. Repentance removes anything between you and God. (confession)

TThank God for all He has done. Being grateful for all He has done boosts our faith and confidence as we pray for the future. (thanksgiving)

CCast your care - make requests for others and ourselves. Sharing our burdens, needs, concerns, and even our desires give control of our situation to God and invite Him to work on our behalf. (supplication)

H - Allow time to hear from God. Pausing and being still allows Him to speak truth into your heart. (communication)

WATCH, then wait expectantly for what God has coming.

A Prayer…

Dear Lord, I thank You and praise You who you are. You are____________ and _______________.  Please forgive me for ______________________.  I thank you for _________________________. I have confidence that You hear my prayer and are always with me. I ask that you would ________________________. I watch in expectancy for You to work on my behalf trusting that you love me and know what’s best for me. I am open to hear your voice as I wait on You to speak.

For You and Your Child…

  • Go over these essential elements of prayer together.
  •  Print out this handy bookmark to keep in your journal. It will remind you of the key elements of prayer.

This post is Day 3 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.