Patience in Prayer - Teaching Kids About Prayer


For Mother’s Day, my son gave me a marigold he planted and grew in class. When he gave it to me it was just a small skinny stem with a single bloom. My little man was so excited to present it to me and I proudly displayed it on my windowsill.

After a little while, it began to wither because it got too much sun and not enough water. Fearful I would kill it and disappoint my boy, I planted it outside where I could see it as I looked out my kitchen window.

Little by little I watched the plant flourish and its blossoms multiply. Months later, in the thick of Fall, beautiful shades of orange still grace its petals. It’s the last flower standing after a too quick summer.

I am amazed that this delightful gift started out as a thin weightless seed. As the buds of my Marigold dry out I pick them and set them aside for next spring. Just one seed produced a flower that in turn produced countless seeds.

patience in prayer.jpg

Just like seeds need to time to germinate or grow, answers to prayers need time to manifest in our lives.

Thanks to today's technology we’ve become accustomed to instant everything. From heating up food to communicating with others, a rapid response is what we have come to expect. But, if we slow down to observe nature we remember not everything works this way. Not too long ago people were accustomed to waiting. There were no microwaves, smartphones, or Wi-Fi. I imagine before these modern conveniences it was a little easier to be long suffering and wait on God in prayer.

Have patience in prayer. Even if you don’t see the answers to your prayers right away, don't get discouraged. Your answer will come.

A Prayer…

Dear Lord, I have been praying for _________________________________ and although I have not seen an answer yet, I know that you have heard my prayers.  I believe that you are working on my behalf and for my good. Help me to trust in the sovereignty of your timing.

For You and Your Child

· Plant a flower together. Pick one that has a short germination time such as a Cosmos, Sunflower, Zinnia, or Marigold. On the days you water and care for it talk about what’s going on under the soil and remind them that even though they can’t see growth, it is indeed happening. Share with them that some prayers work the same way a seed does. Once we have prayed, we may have to wait a bit before it gets answered.

This post is Day 7 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.