Prayer - Sowing Seeds into Your Future


I live in a small town with tree-lined streets and gas lanterns that light our way in the evenings. The homes in my neighborhood date back a hundred years. The town's distinct character is one of the reasons we moved here.

Early pictures of our town show horse drawn carriages, open landscapes, and dirt roads. I wonder if the first residents realized that the beautiful homes they built and saplings they planted would continue to provide shelter and shade long after they were gone.

Yesterday we talked about similarities of prayer and a seed, particularly its growth process, and its ability to multiply. Just like the large trees planted in the yard of my home continue to grow and produce seed; the prayers of the generations before us are still being answered today.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was cleaning my house and found myself frustrated with all the “things” I had to put away. I was complaining to God, asking Him for help because I couldn’t keep up with the mess. That’s when He reminded of the years I prayed fervently to get out of debt. Fresh out of college, I could barely pay my bills; I slept on the floor and rolled quarters to pay my rent. I faithfully tithed and gave; I also prayed that the floodgates of heaven would be opened up and pour out so much blessing that I would not be room enough to store it. (Malachi 3:10).

Even though I am not longer wondering where my next meal will come from, the fruits of those prayers are still manifesting in my life. I was praying for my present, but I was sowing seeds into my future. Prayers are not confined to the time in history to which they are prayed. We may see our answers to prayer, next week, next year, or even in the next generation.

A Prayer…

Dear Lord, I praise You for Your limitless power that is at work in me and around me. I thank You for the prayers of generations before me that are still producing fruit, even in my life. As I pray for __________________________ I ask that the good that comes would continue into the future, long after I leave this earth to be with You... 

For You and Your Child

Share with your little one old photos of places and people they are familiar. Point out the changes that have occurred overs the years, especially any trees or plantings that once were small. Remind them that just like trees need time to mature and grow, some answers to prayer take time to be seen in our lives. Also, long after we are gone, those trees/answered prayers will effect the lives of others.

Check out these two pictures I've found and shared with my kids.

This post is Day 8 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.