Investing in Prayer - Teaching Kids about Prayer


My kids have a savings account they regularly put money in. They each get about 25 cents a chore; some months they make up to 10 dollars for the various things they do around the house. After tithing, they put 10% into long term savings. You can just imagine what their statement from the bank looks like with all of these small deposits.

Despite the fact that their totals increase painstakingly slow, my children are developing great financial habits. The accounts gain little interest, but eventually, our children will be earning more, thus saving more.

Prayer is more like a savings account than a lottery ticket. A savings account is an investment growing little by little over time. While playing the lottery involves making a one-time purchase and hoping for a big return.

Some prayers that are answered more quickly than others. But don’t get discouraged if you have to wait a little while. God is constantly at work in our lives, just like our money is working for us when it in a bank. When we pray regularly, investing in prayer, we make deposits that will eventually reap dividends. When our investment matures, we’ll see the answers.

Be faithful as you pray. You’re investing into your future.

A Prayer…

Dear God, as I continue to bring  __________________ to your attention I choose to trust that you are at work. Help me to be patient, yet expectant for my "one day"...May I not be discouraged but rest in knowing that your timing is perfect… 

For You and Your Child

Help your child create a savings account using a percentage of the money they receive from chores or gifts. You can use a traditional piggy bank, or you can use a simple mason jar, which works for us. I have found when my children can see their money accumulate they are more likely to stick with a savings plan.  Not only does provide a simple lesson in money management but also teaches them about patience which we often need in prayer.

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This post is Day 9 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.