Point of Contact


God instructed Joshua to walk around the city of Jericho seven times before giving the Israelites possession of it. It was a ridiculous request, but Joshua was obedient. His feet served as a point of contact with the land that God promised him. By circling the city, he physically connected with what he believed God was giving him.

There are times when we can do the same.

When my husband and I were looking for a house, we knew exactly which neighborhood we wanted to live. We drove up and down the streets and prayed for just the right home for our family. After months of trusting Him and patiently waiting, God answered our prayers. Shortly after we purchased our home, we invited friends over and together walked through its rooms asking God to bless it. Our group prayed that each person who enters our home would experience the love of God. We also walked the perimeter of our property and prayed a hedge of protection over it. Our wheels on the street, feet on the land, and hands on the walls served as our points of contact.

However, we won’t always be able to touch the things we pray about, but there are others ways we can connect. You can hang up a photograph of what you are praying for. For example, a picture of:

  • Yourself vibrant and healthy as you pray for the healing of your body.
  • Your family, where each member is enjoying the company of one another as you pray for the return of a prodigal child or unity among your relatives.
  • A loved one, as you pray for them to come to Christ.

Walking the property and looking at photos isn't a part of a magic formula, they are a point of contact that just connects us to our prayer. They help us focus on what we’ve prayed for and stay the course in our petition to God concerning them.

A Prayer...

Dear Lord, I set my (eyes, hand, foot) on this promise of ________________. I thank You that You are faithful to Your Word that says________________ and I believe that you will fulfill that promise in my life…

For You and Your Child

Talk to your child about what a point of contact is. Help them create a prayer board by cutting out and pasting pictures on card stock or foam core. Some suggestions are pictures of family members, their school, or a place they'd like to go. An alternative would be gluing those pictures in their prayer journal. They can even draw what they are praying for. You might be surprised what they come up with. Drawings might include them playing with a friend they are not getting along with or them sleeping soundly in bed with out nightmares.

This post is Day 20 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.