Creative Ideas Through Prayer


Once you get into a habit of daily prayer and taking the time to listen to His voice, you will come up with, not just good ideas, but God ideas. Our ideas might be good, but God's are even better. 

I've had a countless number of ideas that I have done nothing with. I get excited about them, but eventually, my enthusiasm dies out because of fear - fear of rejection, fear of failure. Fear that nothing will come of it because it's my idea and not God's. Part of the problem is that I hold these ideas too tight and don't pray about them like I should.  I strive in my strength to see them come to fruition and eventually give up.

However, when we pray, listen to God's ideas, and let the who, what, when, and where unfold in His presence we will find success. Taking the time to discover what He wants to do in us and then through us is crucial. The details may not present themselves all at once, but they will come.

When we allow this time to hear God speak, we might find the Holy Spirit dropping creative ideas and solutions to our problems into our hearts and minds. After all, he is bigger than the problems in our marriage, the negative report from your doctor, and your greatest financial need.

A Prayer...

Dear Lord, You are the author of creativity. It is in Your very being. You have placed this ___________________________________ in my heart and I have kept it to myself. I give it back to You now. Give me creative ideas and wisdom on how to approach this situation. Instruct me in the next step. Give me peace as I follow Your leading...

For You and Your Child

Brainstorm while you pray together. This exercise can be done to either create a list of things to pray for or gather ideas for projects or solutions to a problem. Either way, you'll need your prayer journal, large pieces of paper, and markers.

Start by creating a brainstorming web. Draw a circle on a large sheet of paper, inside the circle write the topic. From there, draw several lines out from the center. With a topic in mind, spend time praying and presenting it to God in prayer. Then, ask your child what comes to mind. Write each thought down at the end of a separate line to show how they are related.  (For example, in the center of the circle might be the name of a friend your child is not getting along with. God may give you ideas on how to reconcile or what to pray for them; those go at the end of each line) Depending on the what you write down you may need to continue to pray, or create an action plan. End your time together in prayer thanking God for His wisdom. 

This post is Day 21 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.