Prayer as a Lever

The beginning of Spring signals the start of lacrosse season in our house.

For those of you not familiar with the game of lacrosse, it is a sport in which the players use a long-handled stick, with a mesh head, to catch, carry, and throw a ball.  Similar to soccer, the object of the game is to send the ball into the opponent’s net. Despite having watched many lacrosse games in both high school and college, I don’t know much about the game, but I am learning…

The player’s dominant hand holds the stick in the middle about a foot above the other hand, which is placed on the end. To throw the ball, the stick is pulled back over the shoulder. The top hand pushes the top of the stick forward as the bottom hand pulls the lower part of the stick back towards the body. The ball travels fast! That’s because the stick acts as a lever with the hand acting as a fulcrum, or pivot point. The length of the stick creates mechanical energy, making the ball go faster and farther than a freehand pitch.

Prayer acts as a lever.

In life, when we do things our way, in our strength, and in our own time, it’s like throwing a ball using only our hand. Being in consistent communication with God, and bringing our cares to Him is like throwing a ball with a lacrosse stick. The first pale in comparison to the latter.

Just like this example of a ball thrown with the aid of a lever creates a greater output force, prayer as a lever propels our potential for God’s will in our lives.

A Prayer...

Dear Lord, I thank You for the power you have made available to me through prayer. I am amazed at how scientific laws mimic Your spiritual laws. Forgive me for doing things my own way, in my own strength and in my own time, especially ______________________________________. I bring this to You now asking for Your hand in it…

For You and Your Child

Show your child the power of prayer through a simple lever experiment. You will need an empty coffee can, a wooden yard stick, and plastic cup, and ping pong balls. Secure the plastic cup to one end of the yardstick. Place the middle of the yardstick on the coffee can and a ping pong ball in the cup. Quickly push down on the opposite end (without the cup) and watch the ball fly. Take turns changing the location of the fulcrum (coffee can) in relation to the lever (yardstick) and see what changes.

This post is Day 23 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.