An Answer to Prayer is on the Way


When I'm in the grocery store, getting ready to check out, I always look for the shortest line. Sometimes if I am with my husband and we’re in a rush, we will divide up, each gets in a line, and move to meet the other one based on who is closest to the cashier.  It’s a good thing for others we don’t shop together often.

It is hard to “Wait.” There are times when we have prayed and anticipated a resolution for longer than we would like. We may be tempted to think that when your wait is prolonged, it is a denial of our request. This may not be the case. Sometimes the answer isn’t “No,” it's just “Wait.”

It’s in the waiting that we have to trust in God’s love and the knowledge that He has a plan for our current situation and beyond and that it’s usually a better plan than ours.

  • Starting a new business might be a “Wait” because you have not met the person who will be investing in it yet.
  • Buying a house might be a “Wait” because the price is going to come down.
  • Becoming involved in a ministry might be a “Wait” because he is getting ready to open up an opportunity for to use your gifts in a special way.
  • Going back to work might be a “Wait” because you may need to be available to care for a family member and minister the love of Christ to them.

The list of “Waits” could be endless. Remember God’s timing is perfect and your answer to prayer is on the way.

In the waiting spend quality time with your Heavenly Father, then you will be ready for the “Yes.”

A Prayer...

Dear Lord, I have believed You to bring ______________________________ to pass in my life for longer than I had hoped. I know nothing is impossible for You and I continue to believe that You are working in _______________. Help me to persevere in the waiting and trusting you to be in control.

For You and Your Child…

Now is a good time in our 31 day journey to go back and take a look at the flower you planted. How has it grown? Chances are, if it hasn't broken through the surface, it will soon. There is a life below the dirt that is waiting for just the right moment to break through. If you can see it above the ground, I am sure there is a lot more growth that is yet to come.

Also, if your child hasn't redeemed all their I.O.U.s, suggest that they cash one in now. Remind them that,  just like they can count on you to fulfill your promises, God will fulfill His too.

This post is Day 29 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.