Praying Through


There are many times when we are in the midst of a circumstance that we pray, "Dear God, get me out of this!" If we don't see our answer, right away, in the way we imagined, it might seem like our prayers aren't being heard. It can be discouraging.

Sometimes, it's God's will to walk us through a tough time instead of delivering us from it instantly. When we walk through a trial, it creates a dependency on Him and highlights those areas that we rely on own strength or our resources. In my struggles, God has unearthed roots of bitterness and brought to my attention people I need to forgive. He also has exposed lies I’ve believed and tended to wounds that need to be healed.

I have experienced freedom because I was open to God changing me, not just changing my circumstance. The result was better than I could have thought or imagined.

When times are hard, grace helps us to shift gears and say, "Okay Lord, what are You trying to teach me? What kind of character are You trying to grow in me?"

Different situations require different prayers, but we can ask our heavenly Father what to pray. He will let us know if we should be praying out or praying through our situation.

A Prayer…

Dear Lord, I praise You for being a sovereign God, for being in control of my situation even when I am not. You know that I am going through ________________________ right now. I pray for You to intervene and deliver me out of all my distress and trouble. Please show me if You have me in the midst of this for a particular reason. Is there something You desire to teach me in this season? Is there a part of my character that You want to shape? I submit myself to You in this. May I grow more and more like You in this time as I wait for Your provision...

For You and Your Child

Download this dot-to-dot printable. You will notice it doesn’t’ have any numbers on it. That’s okay; I did that on purpose. Have your child connect the dots and see what they come up with.

Now print out this dot-to-dot printable (from and have your child connect the dots again, this time following the numbers. When properly completed, it will be a picture of a vase with a flower in it.

Contrast and compare the two drawings. Explain to you child that sometimes we don’t understand why we go through tough times. We might wonder “Where is God?” and “Does He hear my prayers?” When we trust God to walk us through a trial, step by step, He creates something beautiful that we could not create on our own.

This post is Day 28 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.