Engaged in Prayer


The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian has been one of the most instrumental books in teaching me about prayer. Divided by topic, each chapter shares the importance of praying for your child in a particular area. It also provides specific prayers, which are each tied to biblical promises including their scripture references. Over the years, this book has helped me stay consistent in prayer. When my little ones were young and life was overwhelming, I knew I could open the book, select a topic, and pray it through in less than 5 minutes.

Ten years later, I am still saying those prayers. However, I sometimes find myself reading the text on the page as my mind wanders.  There are other times when I start out strong, praying for something I know is God's will, but eventually, I fizzle out. I either don't write down what I am praying for or when I do, I lose the piece of paper it’s written on. I see a bit of progress and become complacently satisfied. I have made some changes so I can stay engaged in prayer.

 Some ways I prevent my prayers from becoming too routine is:

  • Use "old" prayers, such as those in Stormie's book, as a guide to “get the conversation started” with God. I add my prayers in between the sentences to go deeper into the matter addressed.
  • Find new scriptures on the same promises to memorize and pray.
  • Pray with a friend who can build on my requests with their thoughts and prayers.
  • Pray in a different location or a different time of the day.
  • Designate different days of the week to pray for various topics, grouping many of the subjects together.
  • Celebrate the answers, so that I am encouraged in my other prayer requests.

Be creative. The author of creativity, our Heavenly Father, will whisper to you new ideas if you ask.

A Prayer...

Dear Lord, I do not want my prayer life to become stale and rote. I thank You for Your faithfulness in this prayer journey and ask that You would continue to breathe new life into our conversation and time together…

For You and Your Child

Take the Joy Dare. It’s like a God scavenger hunt -- 3 gifts to hunt for every day. You and your child can talk about what to look for each day. Then together in the evening offer up a prayer of thankfulness for these.

This post is Day 30 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.