Share Your Testimony


Few things build our faith like hearing a good story that includes an answered prayer. It’s encouraging to hear from someone who has “Been There, Done That and Got the T-shirt.”

We can be encouraged that if God did it for them, He could do it for us.

Sharing our testimony turns our answered prayers into praise. As we talk about what God has done, it keeps us humble. It reminds us, and others that God came through for us. It didn’t happen because of our wisdom, strength or abundance but His. When we tell our story, it builds our faith and the faith of others. The impact of your story is exponential. When others hear about answered prayer they are encouraged and given hope. Be willing to share how long you prayed, what it felt like, and what you learned in the waiting. The hope they receive is the hope they will share with others.

With today’s technology, there is no shortage of ways to spread the word about God’s goodness and give Him the glory He deserves. You can call or text a friend, write a blog post or comment on someone else’s post. You can also share your testimony on Twitter or Facebook.

A Prayer...

Dear Lord, I pray that You would give me the courage and opportunity to share my testimony with others. May my story of Your goodness bless others in their faith. I continue to believe that You are Lord of all and that I will see Your will done in ______________________________. Put people in my path that have gone before me and experienced Your hand in their life and so that I may be encouraged as well…

For You and Your Child…

Recall a time that God answered your prayers and share it with your child. Your testimony, no matter how big or small, will encourage them. Ask them to share their testimony too. One of the ways we can worship God is to continually talk about His goodness in our lives and our answers to prayer.

I would love to hear your testimony too! Share it with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  Tag or mention me in your post and include #AnsweredPrayer

This post is Day 31 of the series 31 Days of Teaching my Kids About Prayer.